Flag Coatstand

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Flag is a collection of coat hangers which are the result of the perfect synthesis of shape and function, the harmonious combination of elements that make it mono material looking.

Flag Wall hooks are fixed to the steel bar without screws by an interlocking system, allowing an extremely fast composition. Its clean, sober design and the possibility to have different modules, depending on the bar length and the number of hooks, makes it suitable for many contexts, from public spaces to offices and domestic settings.

Colours: white, beige, orange, black.

Flag is the perfect synthesis of shape and function. The harmonious combination of different elements makes this coat-hanger mono material looking. The polypropylene arms are inserted into the bearing steel column creating organic lines. Flag is a furniture piece, suitable to all environments, from public to residential. The clean design and the various possibilities to assemble the arms, changing their position to create new geometries, makes it versatile and suitable to different contexts.

Brand: Pedrali

Designer: Pio E Tito Toso