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Gas chair collection is a very personal Jesus Gasca design project.

The Gas chair collection features a full range of seat options, from side chair to armchair, even task-chair and swivel-chair. The Gas chair has been selected as one of the most comfortable chairs in the world.


The design of Gas chair is visionary. The aim of Jesus Gasca while creating this chair was to make the most beautiful and light frame that could have any type of material for the seat and back.


  • SURFACES: Jesus Gasca investigated looking for the most comfortable surface design that would hold human body. So the seat and back are curved in three dimensional surfaces that have just one purpose: the comfort of the seating person.
  • ALUMINIUM: all the chair frame is made of injected and extruded aluminium. Light and recyclable.
  • SHAPES: the shapes of the aluminium frame are mate to avoid any welding.
  • SEAT & BACK: the seat and back can be of Polypropylene, fabric or leather upholstery.
  • The back can be made also of textile mesh.
  • MESH BACK: the back has the option of being made in mesh, which allows lightness and it is a "breathing" material.
  • Stacking | Plastic: Up to 8 units on the floor, Upholstered: Up to 5 units on floor
  • Frame | Chromed in glossy or matt finish, or powder coated in back or white
  • Polypropylene Seat and Back Colours | Black, white and taupe
  • Side Chair | W505x D485x H785mm | Seat height | H445mm
  • Arm Chair | W570x D485x H785mm | Seat height | H445mm
  • Upholstery | Stua collection of COM.

Brand: Stua

Designer: Jesús Gasca

Stua, Design furniture company basics by Elena Gasca