Solapa Table

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Solapa sofa tables have a silhouette evoques classical shapes, with new singular proportions, and two different heights to allow that they overlap.

The design of Solapa tables with two heights allow the tables to overlap. In fact Solapa means overlap.

  • There are four sizes for the tabletop: 60×60, 60×120, 40×120, 120×120 cm.
  • These tops can be in: white, oak, walnut or black Fenix.
  • The legs can be: black or white fibreglass compound with two different heights: 30 or 36cm

These sizes allow you to use just one table, or to mix them with your own layout.
Solapa tables are the perfect match to the new Costura sofa.


 Stua - Globus Data Sheet  Stua - Globus Data Sheet

Brand: Stua

Designers: Jon Gasca