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Solapa table collection is a family of sofa-tables whose silhouette evoques classical shapes.

Solapa tables in wood are made of walnut or oak veneer. There are also black and white tables for a monochrome look. In the black option the smooth shape of the tabletop is enhanced by the unique nanotech material used for the surface: black & white super opaque finishes, anti-fingerprint, and that thermally heals micro-scratches.

Solapa tables are the perfect match to the new Costura sofa.


  • W600 x D600 x H300/360mm
  • W1200 x D400 x H300/360mm
  • W1200 x D600 x H300/360mm
  • W1200 x D1200 x H360mm

Brand: Stua

Designer: Jon Gasca