Hot Box HB Storage Series

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You can't help but notice that the office has changed.

We're all going Agile, co-working, Activity Based Working or even Dynamic Working.
Whatever the name this new way of working describes a range of work arrangements that allow people and organisations to make choices about when, where and how they work.


1) HB-1

Lockable, portable on-desk storage

Here it is, the Hotbox that started it all. The HB-1 is the first flexible on-desk solution we invented. It is designed for agile workers working in the same location every day. Think of it as a portable filing cabinet that’s ideal for storing confidential information (it’s lockable and secure).

The Hotbox HB-1 is roomier than our other Hotbox products and accommodates hanging files. Use the desk clamp to hang it from your desk, to keep it handily within reach. And if you do end up working at a different site, you can easily turn it into a wheeled storage box. Simply clip it onto the caddy and take it with you.

2) HB-2

Stylish personal storage inside and out

Do you like personalised on-desk storage? If so, the cool HB-2 is for you. It lets your creativity flow. Choose the interior storage that best suits your needs. Pick a coloured cover in a range of fabrics, such as Blazer or Nexus, which you can fold back to create a protective mat. Add a corporate logo to complete the professional look.

With this stylish portable storage, you’ll be so well organised that you’ll avoid numerous trips back and forth to your locker during work. It includes a central whiteboard to make notes, attach sticky notes or display family photos. And if you’re working at a shared desk, it doubles up as a small semi-privacy screen. A shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. Team it up with the HB-Go for more storage space on the move.

3) HB-3M

The storage satchel that's soft, compact and smart.

If you’re wondering what the M stands for, it’s Max– and the practical HB-3M lives up to its name. This briefcase-style portable storage helps your work flow smoothly if you’re a mobile worker who needs internal on-site storage that’s also suitable for external use. It’s bigger than the HB-3R but still compact.

You’ll achieve an easy desk set-up every time you use the HB-3M. It helps you take what you need from locker to hot-desk to external meeting – without interrupting your workflow. The HB-3M holds laptops securely in place and with HB-3M you can even take your packed lunch.

This classic-type brief case s made from lightweight material, with optional covers in Camira Blazer or recycled fabrics like Camira Rivet. It sports a purple lining with pockets for cables, mouse, pencils and accessories. (We chose this color as it’s unisex and has positive vibes of creativity, nobility and wisdom.)

Brand: Hot Box