Walter Knoll

375 Barstool

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Be it in New York or Tokyo, at a cool cocktail bar or inside a trendy apartment, mid-century modernity is alive! Effortlessly, the 375 barstool combines the elegance of salon culture with exquisite comfort.

Seat and backrest feature plush upholstery resulting in sinewy curves, comfy and inviting. Legs are made of top-quality solid wood.


The new elegance. The designers had presumably imagined a shared aperitif or a conversation in the salon when they came up with this small armchair in 1957.
The Lady’s Chair 375 has a light-footed and charming air. It's not a chair for lolling around, but taking a seat. And the slightly larger easy chair 376 is also reminiscent of familiar social rituals.

A genuine Gentleman’s Chair, supple and comfortable.
Particularly inviting are the variants for sofa, armchair, barstool & co.: the seat and back shell can be covered in a combination of fabric and soft nappa leather.


AD Great Design Award 2017

Brand: Walter Knoll

Designers: Walter Knoll Team