Walter Knoll


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A masterly soloist: the EOOS Headoffice explains the essential, unconventionally.

Majestically combined bodies in elongated forms have a powerful aura.
Architectural structures are the result, conveying an air of trust, competence and far-sightedness – just like the bridge of a ship.

On a geometric basis, the collage of materials develops its aura. Oceanic walnut veneer awaits the visitor; select leather is used for the armrests, white blocks made of Corian hold the media.
The interplay of proportions and surfaces has a prestigious air about it. Invisible touch fastenings are the key to the openings.

Connectors for individual equipment are under the surface and all cables are hidden away in sideboards and table tops until they reach the required issue point.
Next to the work surface, a hidden drawer for the treasures of your everyday needs is revealed by sliding away the leather cover.

Brand: Walter Knoll

Designers: EOOS