Walter Knoll

Keypiece Table

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Keypiece is the conference table program for modern conferencing.

It satisfies every demand: from cultivated business routine to the highest demands of the boardroom.
Top-quality and variable as a well-thought-out system: table top, mount, node, leg, glide – the structural parts of the range.

The logic of the construction follows the aesthetics of minimalism.
The legs feature a subtle design: to the outside, lightly reflecting aluminium, to the inside synthetic panels in restrained black-grey, just like the mount.

Outer edges of the aluminium legs and table top are visually very obvious.
Each table-top seems to be floating on four shafts of light.

Different table shapes correspond to the varying frame work geometries. Whether round, boat shaped, trapeze-shaped, square or rectangular – Keypiece carries its top in every imaginable variant. The technology remains hidden: the cable routing is concealed and is possible on every leg.

Connectors mean the connections for modern media disappear into the table top. From personal workstations through conference tables to multimedia video conference configurations, Keypiece is excellent for working

Lead Time: 6 - 8 Weeks.  

Brand: Walter Knoll

Designer: Eoos