Walter Knoll

Seating stones

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Seating stones setting - consisting of sofa, chair, mediuam and small footstool

WK.27210CAR77237726 Walter Knoll Seating Stones,Right, 7723 base 7726 Top 1.00
WK.273H1C77287723 Walter Knoll Seating Stones Small Foot Stool. 7728/7723 1.00
WK.273H2C77237721 Walter Knoll Seating Stones Medium Foot Stool. 7723/7721 1.00
WK.27410CAL77237724 Walter Knoll Seating Stones Side Chair. 7723/7724 1.00

RRP value $ 6k

Brand: Walter Knoll

Designers: PearsonLloyd

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