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Sheru Chair - Castor Base

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The craftsmanship, passion, and expertise that come together in this design are not only palpable, they will be felt for generations to come.

A minimal design offering maximum comfort. Sheru, meaning "shell" in Japanese, showcases beauty in design and excellence in craftsmanship. The ergonomic shape has been rethought from every angle, to create a new seating experience.

Lighter than air: the secret of Sheru

Invisible, yet palpable from the moment you take a seat: innovative chAIR technology transforms the experience of Sheru. Barely thicker than a yoga mat, the seat is not just superbly comfortable, it is breathable.

The back and seat of the chair contain concealed openings, which allow cool air to circulate freely around the body. Bands in the seat, arranged in the shape of palm leaves, create a pleasantly springy sitting feeling.

Offering variety for every space

Sheru can be configured in millions of different ways. Combine the body, legs, materials, and colors of your choosing to create a chair that perfectly suits your space, whether commercial project or private home.


Walter Knoll - Sheru Chair Data Sheet (1.5mb) Walter Knoll - Sheru Chair Data Sheet (1.5mb)

Brand: Walter Knoll

Designers: Eoos

Sheru - Wood Base

Sheru - Wood Base

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Sheru Chair - Wooden Leg

Sheru Chair - Wooden Leg

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