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Over the last century, Herman Miller has been guided by a commitment to problem-solving designs that inspire the best in people. Along the way, Herman Miller has forged critical relationships with the most visionary designers of the day, from mid-century greats like George Nelson, the Eames Office and Isamu Noguchi, to research-oriented visionaries like Robert Propst and Bill Stumpf – and with today’s groundbreaking studios like Industrial Facility and Studio 7.5.

From the birth of ergonomic furniture to manufacturing some of the twentieth century’s most iconic pieces, Herman Miller has pioneered original, timeless design that makes an enduring impact, while building a lasting legacy of design, innovation and social good.

Herman Miller is a part of MillerKnoll, a collective of dynamic brands that comes together to design the world we live in.

Herman Miller's Milan Exhibition, credit Jens Passoth


Presentations by Gallup NZ & Unison Workspaces

Join us to hear from experts as they present the challenges around Remote and Hybrid working facing organisations today, what can be done about it, as well as provide you with the tools and advice to make a positive impact. Gallup research shows the "Great Global Work-From-Home Experiment" created by the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we work and expect to work far into the future. As organizations ease back into office life, employees and employers are navigating a new chapter in this experiment. One that is now blending remote and on-site work.

Presenters  |  Patricia Hubbard - Senior Consultant, Gallup NZ, Jane Roulston - Director, Unison Workspaces, Doug Jacques - Head of Facilities, 2 Degrees.

Event Details
Date  |
 Tuesday 20th June
Time  |  5.00pm to 7.00pm, presentation followed by refreshments and networking
Venue  |  Unison Workspaces, Level 2, 165 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland
Cost  |   Members $50 inc GST, Non-Members $60 inc GST

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Jane Roulston's Salone Del Mobile 2023 Highlights:

Salone de Mobile Design week saw 400,000 people converge on Milan for the 61st event. 2,000 vendors showed off all manner of furniture and light fixtures focusing on the theme 'Design for Good.’
The focus on sustainability and  materiality of products and the need for product design to totally consider carbon footprint was clearly at the forefront and recycled and reusable materials were at the heart of product innovations.

Products were being broken down to their bare components, revealing every material and process involved in their creation, a trend that amplifies transparency and encourages informed decisions.

Colour was also the forefront of every stand. There was a dramatic transformation moving away from minimalist industrial looks towards a riot of vibrant colours. Monochromatic colours were featured to the fore.

Resimercial Design also strongly featured  As the boundaries between work and home dissolve, a new aesthetic is born – one that weaves homely comforts into professional spaces.

Euroluce 2023 showcased powerful yet sustainable light sources, flexible lighting systems and solutions ready to adapt to multiple spaces and situations. All in all, light is gaining a strong expressive value, often taking on shapes inspired by nature, with minimal and organic lines.

MUUTO                                                           PEDRALI                                              KNOLL                                                                BILLIANI 

THE EAMES TABLE  |  For Any Place and Every Need


DESIGNED BY  |  Charles and Ray Eames

Designed with an architect’s focus on stability, and an artist’s eye for proportion, Eames Tables continue to be as relevant as they were at their introduction. Herman Miller worked with the Eames Office to expand the Eames Table family, expanding the number of available table heights and adding options for pass-through power to adapt this timeless design for a workplace that is more collaborative and connected than ever.

These additions complement an already remarkably versatile kit of parts, which includes tops of various sizes, shapes, and materials, and three specialized base designs, each with its own functional and aesthetic benefits. However, they’re configured and wherever they’re used, Eames Tables bear the signature Eames mark of beauty and utility in design.

unison-living_office-placemaking-auckland_office_furniture-image-01Come and view our Eames 3 Column Table at our showroom in Parnell.

CASALA METRO ll TABLE + OMEGA ARMCHAIR   |  Design Linked To Functionality



DESIGNED BY  |  Erik Munnikho

Meetings, training sessions, lunches, discussions and presentations take place in every organisation everyday. At a good table, employees are informed and trained, ideas are born, decisions are made and milestones celebrated. All activities for which an appropriate table is an essential part.

The ingenuity of Metro can be found mainly in the frame. Metro can be extended with a number of electrification options. The cables are completely hidden from view, as they are guided through the profile sections under the table top and the table legs to just above the ground. The smart combination of profiles and connecting elements makes Metro a table with unlimited possibilities.


DESIGNED BY  |  Favaretto & Partners

The Greek letter Omega is a combination of round and straight lines, which is reflected in the design of Favaretto & Partners. The frame and shell of Omega form one organic whole. The cut-outs in the shell are a striking detail and provide a playful peek through to the frame. At first glance, Omega’s look is industrial and minimalist due to the clean lines of the slender steel frame. On the other hand, the generous felt shell gives Omega a rich sitting experience.

Omega is a stylish and comfortable seating range, recognisable by its slender shell made of recycled PET felt, combined with a lightweight steel frame. The diversity of its product family makes Omega our newest multifunctional allrounder for the office, hall sector, hospitality spaces and break out areas.

CMS ENGAGE  |  Achieve Sustainability Through Energy Management


As the modern workplace continues to evolve, the challenge today is to ensure it is working more efficiently and effectively. Understanding how the workplace is being used, with consideration of power consumption and its impact on our environment are just some of the challenges enterprises face today. Just as important, employees require the tools to book and reserve space remotely or when in the office to remain engaged and productive.

CMS Engage is a smart workplace technology solution, digitalizing the seamless interactions between employees and the workplace, while property and facility managers monitor space utilization and energy consumption to provide insightful analytics on how their workplace is being utilized. It was designed by the team at CMS Electracom who sought to evolve power at the desk to deliver a completely new experience and potential for users and administrators.

INTENDED USE  |  Personal Work Area | Meeting Rooms | Collaboration Area 

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