Designing a better tomorrow

The Covid-19 pandemic upended work and brought unprecedented changes to the world of work leading some to start questioning the role of the office, and still others wondering if this “was the end of the office as we know it,” as workers reported higher-than-expected levels of productivity while working remotely.

However, we see the move toward hybrid as an opportunity to reduce pressure on the office in the long term - not by diminishing its size or importance but instead by freeing up space to fine-tune the modern workplace for those experiences that it’s uniquely suited to support.

The next generation of workplace will be about bringing people together—for brainstorming, problem-solving, idea exchange, learning and knowledge-sharing. The future workplace also needs to consistently convey the company culture through management practices, technology, design and furnishings, regardless of work location.

Herman Millers  has just released its latest research called “Designing a better tomorrow”.  This is our opportunity to share the insights recently gained on new workplace planning and highlight the ways organisations can redefine, reshape and build truly flexible, hybrid office environments. 

Join us for an insight session with Herman Miller - Wednesday 23rd November                         Unison showroom - 5pm  RSVP

Alternatively contact one of the team if you would like to set up another time to visit us so we can share this presentation.


OE1 Workspace Collection

Optimised Essentials for Agility

Workspaces will need inherent flexibility, allowing workers to create their own work experience and seamlessly transition from group work to individual and smaller team activities - all within the same dynamic setting performance. OE1 is a collection of optimised, essential pieces designed to help people experiment with space, discover what works now, and change rapidly for the future. 

Mid-century design meets contemporary ergonomics

The Zeph Chair finds a happy home between mid-century modern aesthetics and the research-backed ergonomics of today’s work chairs. Its advanced yet simple design offers more for less – more comfort, colours and style – made with fewer components and at a price that makes it the perfect entrée into the world of Herman Miller performance seating.

Come and view our new OE1 collection and Zeph chairs at our showroom in Parnell

Introducing Derlot 

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Derlot. Balancing versatility and functionality with a modern aesthetic for living and working, Derlot's collections are timeless with adaptability and flexibility defining their brand approach. Derlot are conscious of what they design and produce today will impact our future and so they seek to innovate and realise products and solutions for an ever-evolving world which is very in line with Unisons overall brand philosophy..

Adding to our portfolio such an extensive range made under licence in NZ will provide the design community with an diverse range of solutions on a quicker lead time. Contact us now for more information.

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