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Its Curvy’s curves that give the chair its optimistic radiance.

Its slim rod steel frame lends it its rare slenderness.
That is how halls full of chairs retain its transparency.

Furthermore, Curvy is linkable, quickly stacked and with its varieties Curvy demonstrates its quality as a concept chair with unprecedented possibilities.
Curvy’s ergonomic design enables passive as well as active seating. This makes Curvy suitable as a hall chair, but for canteens or seminar rooms as well.

Curvy’s home base is its transport dolly. What little space it takes up! 45 chairs can be stored on a mere 0,6 m2.
Even if the chair has armrests or if it is upholstered, a transport dolly can always carry 32 stacked chairs, and most of the time this is amply sufficient. 

Brand: Casala

Designer: Sigurd Rothe