Lynx I

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It’s child’s play to pair Lynx chairs. Lift the frame ten centimeters, move the chair slightly to the left and place the chair into the frame of the chair next to it.

This way the chairs are solidly linked. No additional tools are needed: the chairs themselves are the connection!

The Lynx I is visually impressive with its slim frame and striking silhouette. The center-to-center distance of linked seats is narrow (only 51.5 cm), while the seat width remains a generous size and comfortable.
The backrest has room for chair numbering using Zifra, the world’s most advanced battery-free numbering system.

Lynx I is available with and without armrests. Both versions can be linked together. Lynx stacking chairs are very suitable as indoor chairs, school chairs, conference chairs and even canteen chairs.


Casala - Lynx Brochure Casala - Lynx Brochure

Brand: Casala

Designer: Kommer Kors and Esquisse