Lynx III

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The flowing, soft lines of the plastic shell mean that Lynx III can be used in various situations, for example as church and school furniture. In addition, Lynx III chairs offer the functionality of ultra-fast connectable indoor chairs: 80 chairs can be solidly connected or disconnected in 3 minutes.

Lifting the chair just 10 centimeters and place it into the frame of the chair next to it, is all that is needed.

No other actions or aids are needed to make a solid connection. As an option, row and seat numbering is available with Zifra, the world’s most advanced battery-free numbering system.

Lynx III is available with and without armrests and can be combined with each other. The elegantly designed shell can also be delivered upholstered.


Casala - Lynx Brochure Casala - Lynx Brochure

Brand: Casala

Designer: Kommer Kors and Esquisse