Framed Mirror

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Made from powder coated steel frames with coloured mirror glass, the Framed Mirrors is a gently artistic interpretation of the classic mirror.

Though still functioning as reflecting glass, the colours, shapes and its ability to be arranged in groups gives the mirror a distinct character.
The design comes in two sizes and three colours.


A steel plate is worked through three rounds to shape the mirror’s frame.
The surface is then powder lacquered using a highly durable acrylic lacquer.
Lastly, mirror glass is gently installed, to create the little gap between the mirror’s frame and mirror glass.


 Muuto - Loom Throw Fact Sheet (95kb)  Muuto - Loom Throw Fact Sheet (95kb)

Brand: Muuto

Designer: Anderssen & Voll

Framed Mirror

Sway Throw

Sway Throw

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